Bad Schandau – Infocenter Of The National Park Saxon Switzerland

Thematical exhibitions about wild nature and cultural landscape, lectures, seminars and projects show the purpose, interesting facts, and special features of the cross-border region of the two national parks, Bohemian- and Saxon Switzerland.

The permanent, partly interactive exhibition, dedicated to the specifics of the national park, is joined cca every 2 years by an actualized exhibition focusing  on cultural landscape (the natural reservation areas) and large-area multimedia projection. Both exhibitions carry in German and Czech, the audiovisual features have been  with English also.

There is a café and a restaurant in the building, offering mostly local and regional specialties using the eco-friendly farming production.


Opening hours

April – October: daily 9:00 – 18:00

January: closed

November – December 23rd: 9:00 – 17:00 except Mondays

December 24th: closed

December 25th – January 6th: open

January 6th – 31st: closed



Phone: +49 5022 50230


Dresdner Str. 2
B 01814 Bad Schandau
Česká republika


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