Arnoltice (village)

Originally an agricultural village and now home to about 300 inhabitants, Arnoltice is located on the right bank of the Elbe about 8 km northeast of Děčín.

Around the village square there are several original farms with a brick or timbered ground floor and semi-timbered or timbered upper floor. Interesting structures include Baroque Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church from the 18th century, a parish house rebuilt in Art Nouveau style, the cemetery outer wall with three gates and fourteen stations of the Calvary, an 18th-century Assumpta sculpture preserved in the village square, a WWI memorial or the peace cross built in 1775.
A former wind mill is situated in the southwest corner of Arnoltice by the road to Janov. The sandstone Arnoltice Cliffs in the Dry Kamenice Valley near Arnoltice are also a popular tourist destination.


Arnolitce 34
405 02 Děčín 2
Česká republika
50° 50' 17.0412" N, 14° 16' 7.212" E


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