Sightseeing trip around Česká Kamenice

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In May 2012, a beginning to a new sightseeing trip about Česká kamenice was marked by yellow touristic mark on the city square Náměstí Míru. The local Czech touristic club took care of this marking in response to the city's request, in attempts to make less known and sites of the city and its closest neighbourhood more visible. New guideposts have been placed with names and distances of the various sites in this roundtrip. You can look the route up on the map included below. The start is marked by yellow mark on Náměstí Míru (square) in Česká Kamenice (1) by the touristic map beside the city information board, and ends by the Brotherhood altar at the northwest hillside of Jehla.

From the city squate we walk north through Nerudova street (around the beautiful chapel of Narození Panny Marie), from the right walk around the outdoor swimming pools and continue up towards the shaped rocks and lookouts Žába (Frog (2) and Ponorka (Submarine (3). We pass by a sandstone cone (4), where a memorial plate of Wilhelm Tell used to be placed until WWII, leaving only its empty shape in the rock now. A few steps from there we find a nameless viewpoint (5) with well preserved banisters, called Joohn-Stein according to the old German maps. This spot offers an awesome view of the forest-covered landscape with sandstone massives.

Continue with yellow mark towars the ruins of rock-inbuilt chapel (6) its original painting is long lost, and arrive to the final stop – the Brotherhood altar (7). From here either take the blue-marked path towards Líska and Chřibská, or return back around Jehla to Česká Kamenice.

Individual sites in this trip: (1) the beginning at Náměstí Míru in Česká Kamenice (city square), (2) Žába (Frog) – shaped rock with a lookout point (421 m.n.m.), (3) Ponorka (Submarine), another rock with a wonderful view (425 m.n.m.), (4) „Tell-Platte“ - a rock with the imprinted shape of an original memorial brass plate, (5) nameless lookout (so-called Joohn-Stein), (6) ruins of the rock-inbuilt Holliest Threesome chapel, (7) the Brotherhood altar.

Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For beginner walkers

Higest Altitude: 

459 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

301 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

170 m

Path length: 

4.8 km



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